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"Land In The Clouds/My Last Jingle" - Executive Producer, Production Design, Conceptual and Mural Art SHort Film 

Big Outdoor Site Specific Stuff - Hudson River Park - Line Production

"This Place" - With Deb O and Lee Sunday Evans - Co-creator and Producer

 "The Devil and The Deep" Producers, Green Set Design & Production  Theatre East/Theatre 3 at The Mint Theatre Off-Bway, NYC 

 "Mary Poppins"  State Center Theatre for the Arts , Uniontown, PA   Supporting Producer, Set Design and Production "Sisters" Executive Producers, Green Production and Effects Design-Feature Film , NY and NC

"One Man Tenessee Williams Festival" Producers, by David Roby 

Executive Producer and Artistic Director - Onyx Contemporary Arts Ensemble - 2 seasons, Festival and original programming development and production



MURALS & Finishes,
Commercial and Residential

Dressing and Decor​

Private Brownstone, 69th/CPW,NYC​- Impressionist panels, kitchen design, metallic installation.

Private Estates

Elkin, NC     over 10,000 plus square feet of scenes and murals in 3 homes.

Old Salem Living Historic Village

Historic Bethabra Park & Museum

City of Beverly Hills 

Coronado Historical Society

Waldorf Towers, NYC

Fisher Price, Mattel, Hasbro, Western Publishing

Ikispari Hotel Tokyo Disney

Speath Designs, NYC Sax Windows

Valentino, Henri Bendell, Dior, NYC

Tiffany's, NYC holiday
Utopia Entertainment, CA
Winston-Salem DASH Baseball Stadium,NC
Old Salem Historic Moravian Village,NC
Clearchannel, NYC, CA
Skylight Opera, WI
Recycled Outdoor Gear, NC
RJ Reynolds- Salem, NC
Celtic Cafe, NC
Rainbow News and Cafe, NC
NYC Garden Expo
Shakori Hills Festival Music/Dance, NC
Arts Council of Winston-Salem, NC
Footloose Skating Center, NC
The Savoy, NYC
Centura Bank, NC
Infinity Salon, G Carlyle Salon, NC

Virginia Key Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance, Miami FLA

THEATRE, SETS, Backdrops

Tall Stories at The New Victory Theatre

New York City Opera


Circle in the Square

Brooklyn College


Beth Morrison Productions

Prototype Festival NYC

BOSSS Festival NYC

Shakespeare in the Park NYC

Chautauqua Opera, NY

Goodspeed Opera, CT
Playwright's Horizons, NYC
The Public Theatre, NYC
East Coast Theatre Supply, NY
NC School of the Arts
Virginia Stage
Queens College/City Opera, NYC
Spaeth Design, NYC
Cobalt Studios, NY
Scenic Central, NYC
Red Dot Scenic Studio, NYC

GB Studio NYC

Greensboro Ballet, NC
Charlotte Ballet, NC
Piedmont Opera, NC
Missouri Reperatory Theatre
H.E.R.E. Theatre, NYC
Actor's Playhouse 91, NYC




Flagship NYC


Houston St 

Valentino NYC

Henri Bindell NYC

SAX 5th Ave



ROG Outdoor Gear

FILM, Video, Commercials.

Keegansmission- currently designing and producing two shows.


tv and web series in pre-production, shooting this summer

"Sisters" - Executive Producer, Production Design


"The Legend of Two Paths" - The Lost Colony Musuem in Manteo, NC
Scenic Sculpture, design, museum installation


"Miracle Cures" NBC Special


"Handgun" - Showtime Feature Charge Scenic


"Carrie 2 The Rage" - Scenics


"Eyeborgs" - Security


"Brookfield" - Scenic, Production Office


.Firehouse Films - resident cyclorama artists

over 75 paintings, skies, 100 plus commercials


UPS, Gallo Wine, City of NY

American Express, Hasbro, Fisher

Price, City of Beverly Hills - Independent Commercial Artists.


GB Studios  NYC Lead Scenic on over 100 commercials

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