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UV Effects Mural 16' x 28' Private Game Room

Historic Bethabra Park and Museum - 40' x 50' Room in historic murals based on actual journals from 1680.

Hotel Ikispari Tokyo Disney Resort - 180' x 26' murals with Khuzami  and Moo Studio Tokyo

Celtic Cafe "Roscommon" Mural for full restaurant wall, in two locations  16' x 44'

BB&T Dash Stadium - Nostalgic Baseebal Mural 12' x 48' "Dreams"

"Venice" themed mural and painyed grotto dining area

Trompe l'oeil rug and woodgrain planks on CDX plywood floor in farmhouse with Cobalt Studios

Decorative panel and floorcloth details

Chinoiserie mural detail.

Skylight Opera House - Milwaukee WI  Trompe l'oeil murals on round 5 tier balconies  with D. Fargo

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