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​Our expert Design & Artistry will enrich your Residential or Commercial Space, Theatrical, Commercial & Film Production, or Special Event!


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25 years as professionals  in Scenic and Fine Art, Executive and Line Production, Project Coordination, and Design across multiple mediums creating visually stunning immersive environments and fine paintings for theatre, high end interiors, and film. Keegan's Mission Creative, harnesses the strength, skills, and network of the artistic community through art, music, film, theatre, and mixed media to facilitate positive social and environmental change. We  network artists, artisans, filmmakers, and marketing and management  specialists to foster creative international collaboration. We specialize in “Green” set design and production, dedicated to preserving the great traditional style of scenic painting, our trademark visual style.


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Join our FB community Scenic and Collaborative Art Keegansmission for arts and ideas exchange, collaborative opportunities, demos, photos, techniques discussion, employment opportunities and more.


Highly trained and uniquely talented collaborative artists, designers, and artisans work to visualize and manifest your vision in creative and awe inspiring paintings. From Backdrops to Photo Shoot settings, Branded Interiors to Children's Theatre, Off Broadway, Indie, Short & Feature Film, to Theatre  & Hotel Interiors, Public Art, Corporate Headquarters, Festival & Immersive Environments, stadiums, restaurants, and homes there is no limit to the beauty we can create for you. We create in an unlimited range of styles, from trompe l'oeil to graffiti, UV effects paintings to fresco, traditional to abstract. You design or we can design to meet your needs.



Fine hand painted artistry and highly detailed environments in theatre, interiors, and film sometimes require  alternative funding strategies in today's arts culture. Our Producers are dedicated to facilitating these environments for a wide variety clients to make sure these scenic and decorative art forms flourish, and make sure that high quality visual settings lead the field.

Educatiors-Teaching Artistry

Lectures, Demos, and Apprenticeships in NYC at Brooklyn College and at our Soho Studio offer hands on step by step immersion into the study of collaborative painting, which sets our theatre and mural projects apart from the fine art world. We thrive on collaboration in traditional scene painting, classic circus style, creative design, classic decorative technique, and tools and techniques. We also teach children's and festival workshops to encourage creative expression, sustainable design and play, masks, puppets, and multimedia. Videos and written lessons are available for remote learning, and our collaborative forum networks our artists and allows positive artistic exchange of ideas.

Arts Management & Talent

From Project Coordination to bidding, Crew and talent facilitation for all aspects of production and design, to Marketing, PR, corporate sponsorship, special events, festivals, and development our experienced team will not stop until the job is complete on time and on budget. We will get you the absolute most visual reward out of your creative contracts. We are highly trained creative thinkers with both business and arts degrees operating across a broad range of media outlets from live performance to commercials, black box to large venues, outdoor festivals to online streaming. With our team, stand out from the rest with smooth execution of eye-stopping visuals. Our talent includes for sets, costumes, original music, lighting, production office and crew , performance, special effects, wigs and make up, special events, and of course - painting. We cover film, commercial and residential, theatre, corporate, and non profit sector. We enjoy the arts culture, and Arts Writing is a service we provide. Consulting clients receive input on organizational structure, relations, funding, and how to better reach their audience.

All creative production needs in one easy stop. From pricing estimates during the preliminary production stages to mobile crews stocked and ready for any On Set situation, we have what you need. We can also analyze your preliminaries, and create a mobile unit that arrives ready for your production, we will or you can provide crew.  Full stocking of Scenic Art Department kits and vans, delivered to your door packed by experienced hands. We can and will find anything you need to stock your kit, and have it ready for you . No more hours on the phone or stuck in traffic!

Consultation and bidding services ,Art Department or Scenic Art Coordination, Production breakdowns,Kit delivery,Quality Crews, Sourcing and process calculation.

On-Set Mobile crews, Kit Delivery







"Emily Brown and the Thing"

Designed by Isla Shaw

with Tall Stories from London

Launching their North American Tour at the New Victory Theatre 209 West 42nd St NYC,

We were delighted to create the expressive painted environment for

this child and autism friendly production!

Collaboration with Shop Dog NYC!

NIKE HQ NYC Solo Artist
ADIDAS NYC Coordinator, Charge-JCDP
ADIDAS -Houston St NYC Art w JCDP
CANDIDE Effects wagon detail
CANDIDE NYCO - Charge w JCDP Lin Cnt
Emily Brown & The Thing - Tall Stori
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Sleeping Beauty - Guest Charge NCSA
Adidas JCDP
Sleeping Beauty Ballet Backdrop
Mural Detail Celtic Cafe
Brooklyn College
State Fair with Cobalt
Bethabra Park Historical Mural
BC Paint Class
UV Graffiti Mural -Festival
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The Devil and the Deep      Co- Producers, Designers, Artists

at The Mint Theatre W 43rd NYC

Theatre East by Graham Russell and Melissa Bell

Children's Murals

NYU Intern on Production & Marketing teams for"Kansas City Choir Boy" at  Prototype Festival - Beth Morrison Productions at HERE


Beginning our journey up-cycling for Devil and the Deep! On the street in Greenpoint we found this huge rope rug discarded.

"Land In the Clouds/My Last Jingle" - Narrative short film

Executive Producers Keegansmission , also Production Design, Art Department   

An suicidal jingle writer falls for a cancer stricken nurse and finds happiness - , surrealist film 

Funded by our Kickstarter campaign, Production wrapped principal shooting in summer 2018. 


Artist residency - Hotwoods.org   Red Hook, Brooklyn

custom props and contract art studio in the historic Beard Building on the Red Hook waterfront.

UV Effects Mural    Seahawks Stadium     Game Room   Wildfire Paint  28' x 10'

Festival Line Producer, Crew Acquisition and management

"This Place" Co-Writer, Producer

with Deb O and Lee Sunday Evans

Hudson River Park, and the Frying Pan

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