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The first season : Segment #1 - A Boating Journey Along the Canals and waterways of New York State.

We will include the following areas of focus in each episode:

SIGHTS - Area hotspots & beautiful scenery

SOUNDS - Local Festivals, music and musicians, from Americana to Classical, Native American to Blues. Live recordings &   

                   collaborations will produce a show CD.

EVENTS- From historic re-enactments to music festivals and fishing tournaments...and everything in between.

ENVIRONMENT- What are the environmental conditions and issues, conservation and improvement efforts, restoration of storm damage.

GREEN TECH - Who is using available tech to lessen their footprint ( WE ARE! to power the boat) We will gather & provide info.

​WILDLIFE- Flora and fauna, great fishing spots. The sportsmen's take on the areas.

HISTORY & LORE- Uncovering the rich traditions of the land and its people. Folklore, scary stories, mysteries, tall tales, & oddities.

MUSEUMS - Educational and interactive spots that bring history alive to a new generation.

ART SCENE- Local artists and craftsmen. Talent originally from the area and what inspires them about their home.

FOOD & DRINK - What do the locals eat? Chefs and great foodie spots, bars, restaurants, vineyards, local specialties.

This is our boat "BOAT DIDDLEY" a vintage 1977 Trojan Cruiser. We inherited it this year and it sparked the idea for this creative journey!





"Along the Hidden Highways" is our new series

in development. It follows the inner waterways & forgotten backwaters that connect people and cultures.


BLOG and POD-Casts and live streams will keep viewers up to date.

We are writing the story and researching the stops that our Production Company will follow during the Spring shooting of our tv and web series, with interactive

pod-casts, and music. We are beginning the series in beautiful western NY state at lake Chautauqua, following the Eire canal, turning on the Hudson River, and coming into the NYC greater area at July 4.Along the way we stop at interesting and fun places, and tell the story of the area.

 Future seasons take us around the world, from the Florida Keys and inter-coastal (Season #2), to South America and beyond.  

"Along the Hidden Highways..."







Meet "BOAT DIDDLEY"...our 1977 Vintage TROJAN CUISER. She will be making the journey this summer.

Our first segment will begin in beautiful Western New York at Lake Chautauqua and follow the Eire Canal, turn along the Husdon River, and wrap in NYC. Future seasons will take us through forgotten backwaters, through inter-coastal waterways, along rivers and lakes from NY to The Keys of Florida, up the Mississippi, and beyond.



We are producing a docu-travel web and tv series called, "Along the Hidden Highways..." with the goal of distribution on a cable network, such as Travel, Discovery, History, PBS, etc.


Our goal is also to build a comprehensive website covering all aspects of our travels well beyond the confines of time , as with an episodic series. The website will act as a sourcing for all locations ...of where to go, what to see and do, and where you can stay. Through pod-casts we supply daily entertainment from the road.


But we are not stopping there.


We also want to build a network of all the artists, artisans, musicians and make them part of the Mission to afford them more exposure than they could normally attain.


While building a like-minded grassroots network we can affect positive change on environmental, artistic, and socio-economic issues.



"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade-winds. Explore. Dream Discover."  - Mark Twain


"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrowmindedness, and many of our people need it sorely, on these accounts. Broad wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one's little corner of the Earth all one's lifetime."   - Mark Twain




We will film a tv and web series covering the following elements:

SIGHTS - Area hotspots and scenery. Covering the Marinas and boating culture.

SOUNDS - Local music and musicians from the areas we pass through...from bluegrass to Classical, Blues to Native American. Live recordings and collaborations will occur, and a show CD will be produced and serve as the journey's soundtrack.

EVENTS - Musical and art festivals, historic events.

ENVIRONMENT - What are the past and current environmental issues, current conservation projects, reconstruction and improvement efforts.

GREEN TECHNOLOGY- Available technologies for business and daily life. Who is using them...WE ARE to power the boat!

WILDLIFE- Flora and fauna

HISTORY and LORE- Uncovering the rich history of the land and its people. Folklore, scary stories, mysteries, oddities, and tall tales. We even have a family murder to investigate in Troy!

MUSEUMS- Educational and Interactive spots.

ART SCENE- Local artists and craftspeople.

FOOD & DRINK - What to the locals eats, chefs along the way, bars, restaurants, vineyards, local specialties.

OUTDOOR LIFE- Camping,trails,fishing,kyaking,&more.

We are artists, travelers, and storytellers who have worked in Theatre, Film, TV, Private and Commercial Interiors, and Bar and Restaurant Design and Operations for over twenty-five years. This year we inherited "BOAT DIDDLEY", and the idea for this creative journey was sparked. We will cover many different perspectives and views, and collaborate  along the way. All elements will be broadcast and streamed. The entire project will be edited into the first of several series. Stay tuned! 

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