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Our mission is to facilitate the production of and teach techniques for the creation of immersive visual environments propagating and preserving traditional scene painting techniques and fusing them with modern marketing , film, and  digital forums, branded environments, installations, multimedia, and modern theatrical performance. 

 Executive to Line Producers for Feature, Documentary,& Short Film, Theatre, Music, and Fine Art
The Devil and the Deep
This Place
BOSSS Festival- Hudson River Park
Land In the Clouds
Scenic Art - Theatre
Backdrops, Set Design & Painting by Master Scenic Artists over 30 years
 Traditional to Modern
On/ Off Broadway, Experimental, Regional
Expert Project Coordination and Scenic Charge
 Hand-painted artistry created on site or to spec in studio in styles from the most elegant
Trompe l'oeil, Fresco,&
Chinoiserie, to Themed Environments,Children's Rooms, Signage, Historic, PR, Graffiti,Special Effects,UV, and Sports.
Digitally produced custom designs also available
Design and Artistry to  make your environment unique and unforgettable - 
Nike HQ NYC, Adidas Flagship& NoHo NYC, City of Beverly Hills, Disney Tokyo, Tommy Hilfiger
From custom earthquake wagons to sculpted gargoyles, painted furniture, breakaways, and the most detailed hero props, to set dressing, purchasing, and design, & fabrication. 
 NBC miniseries, Chautauqua Opera, Braodway runs of Miss Saigon, Le Bete
Props & Set Dressing
Painting from modern artistic surfaces to traditional French, Belgian,German, Flemish, Italian, Moravian, and American Folk styles and techniques.  
Faux finishes, Marbles & Wood, Clay, Venetian Plaster,
Encaustic, and Metallic, Gold leaf, Floorcloths,& Historic. 
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